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Las Vegas Disc Jockey Promoted Santana "Smooth"

It was 10 years in the making before Las Vegas Disc Jockey,  John Dote' of Celebrity Entertainment, hit the market with his own created television series titled "Night Beat In Las Vegas". The show was aired on the UPN-Screen Gems Network. Dote' also hosted the television show "This Is San Francisco" with Warner Bros. record executive Pete Marino, Jr. The show featured guest appearances by Liberace, Tony Bennett, Pearl Bailey and Rod Stewart.

The Bronx born Disc Jockey made his way through life in the record industry as a drummer, producer and musician. Living and making his mark in the San Francisco Bay Area, Dote's musical career spiraled with success when he produced the classic album "Hooked On Themes". The album contains the themes from some of the Biggest television shows of the world including Charlie's AngelsThe Rockford Files and Hawaii Five-0.

It was during the late 60's that Dote's father gave Carlos Santana his first break, performing at The Boogaloo Club on Geneva Avenue in San Francisco, across from the famous Cow Palace where The Beatles performed. Since that period, Evil Ways had passed and Tell Her She's Lovely By El Chicano and Suavecito By Malo were riding the top of thecharts with the Latin sounds of the 70's. But no other latin artist has ever accomplished what the 9 time grammy award winner has. Santana left a string of hits behind before the big one would arrive.

At the turn of the 21st century, Dote' was promoting video's for over 20 different major labels and many independent record companies as well. UPS was making their overnight deliveries of major hit releases to Celebrity Studio where Dote' produced his show. Dote' would write reviews for the new releases and either pass or put his signature of approval on them. 2000 was a year of celebration and new releases. Dote' was handling Britney Spears "Oops I Did It Again", Le Ann Rimes "I Need You" and Santana "Smooth". 

Dote' and Santana were both with Arista Records at this time. And although Dote' was also handling The Eurythmics new release of that year, there was only so much room at the top. After the release of Smooth, Santana's record sales soared 166%. The highest of any recording artist on the market today. And Dote' put his signature of approval on Smooth! He was promoting the house mix version on his show which featured Rob Thomas on lead vocals. John Dote' who specialises in wedding receptions and corporate events in Las Vegas never does a party without Santana in the mix.

Santana Facts

He became famous in the late 1960s and early 1970s with his band, the Santana Blues Band, which created a highly successful blend of salsa, rock, blues, and jazz fusion. Their sound featured his often high-pitched and clean guitar lines set against Latin instrumentation such as timbales and congas. Santana continued to work in these forms over the following decades, and experienced a sudden resurgence of popularity and critical acclaim in the late 1990s. Over his career he has sold an estimated 80 million albums world wide.

John Dote' And Santana



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Five young men from the time-honored teen-pop proving grounds of church choirs and regional theater, the Backstreet Boys were, in their heyday -- before they were unseated by 'N Sync -- the biggest teen sensation since the Monkees, at the crest of the late-'90s pubescent-pop tidal wave. Under the aegis of Orlando impresario Lou Pearlman, the Backstreet Boys signed to Jive Records in 1994, releasing their self-titled 1996 debut to great success in Europe and Canada before issuing it stateside the next year. Packed with soon-to-become unavoidable hits -- "Quit Playin' Games (With My Heart)," "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)," "As Long As You Love Me" -- Backstreet Boys served as the blueprint for boy bands to come, mixing soulful, sexually inoffensive ballads with harmony-heavy R&B and mildly edgy dance tracks. It eventually sold 13 million copies, though the Boys' popularity wouldn't actually peak until the release of Millennium (which would sell more than 1 million copies in its first week) two years later. While Millennium wasn't as shamelessly hook-filled as BSB, it did offer up the Boys' best-ever track, "I Want It That Way," a near-perfect slice of puppy-dog soul.

Released the next year, Black & Blue followed roughly the same formula as its predecessors, with decidedly lesser results. With the exception of the irresistibly cheesy "Shape of My Heart" and the just-plain-bad cheating-boyfriend apologia "Call," most of the tracks here are unexceptional. Dogged by bad reviews, heart ailments, substance abuse, and encroaching facial hair, the Boys have had a relatively rough time of things since their 1999 heyday. In 2000, their video catalogue was turned over to Las Vegas Disc Jockey John Dote' (from Jive Records) who was the host of the hit television series "Night Beat In Las Vegas", as seen on the UPN-Screen Gems Network. He was also handling the new Jive Records release "Oops I Did It Again" by Britney Spears. Dote' gave the label and the boys extensive airplay, yet they didn't gain much success or requests from the shows listeners.

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Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler (born May 81975, in MadridSpain) is a Grammy Award and Latin Grammy Award-winningSpanish-born, Miami-based singer and is of Asian and European ancestry. His Asian ancestry comes from his mother's side of the family.

Iglesias is the son of the famous Spanish singer Julio Iglesias and the Filipina socialite Isabel Preysler.

Iglesias's career started on Indie label Fonovisa who helped turn him into one of the most popular artists in Latin America and in the Latin market in the United States selling more Spanish albums than any other artists in that period of time. Before the turn of the millennium made a crossover into the mainstream English market and signed a unique multi-album deal with Universal Music for an unprecedented $48,000,000 with Universal Music Latino to release his Spanish albums and Interscope to release English albums. He was discovered in Las Vegas by record promoter and "Night Beat In Las Vegas" television host John Dote'. Dote' was promoting new releases for labels such as Capitol Records, MCA, Jive, A&M, Geffin, Dreamworks, Innerscope Records and many others.

When "Bailamos", "Rythym Devine" and "Just Wanna Be With You" landed on Dote's desk, these soundtracks not only wound up receiving airplay on one of the biggest networks in the country, "UPN", but also landed airplay throughout the Las Vegas gambling casino's twenty-four-seven.


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Marcy Playground is an American alternative rock band consisting of three members: John Wozniak (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Dylan Keefe (Bass), and Shlomi Lavie (Drums). The band is best known for their 1997 hits "Sex and Candy" and "Saint Joe on the School Bus".

The band is named after the Marcy Open grade school in Minneapolis, which is the alternative school John Wozniak attended. He chose the name because many of his songs were inspired by his childhood. Marcy Playground emerged in the late 1990s. Influences include David Bowie, Paul Simon, Neil Young, Van Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Wham! and the Beatles. The influences are quite clear on Marcy Playground's self-titled album, with songs like Shadow Of Seattle and Saint Joe On The School Bus. Frontman John Wozniak's first effort, Zog BogBean - From the Marcy Playground, was self-produced, recorded in his bedroom studio with some help from his then-girlfriend Sherry Fraser and her brother Scott in the early nineties. A limited run of CDs were self-released by Wozniak. "Our Generation" and "Dog And His Master," two songs found on Wozniak's Zog BogBean project, would appear on later Marcy Playground albums. As of April 2009, Zog BogBean is available for download at Marcy Playground's official site as well as other outlets such as iTunes.

Their single release "Sex and Candy" originated on the hit t.v. show "NightBeat In Las Vegas" which was hosted by John Dote' 3 months before radio picked up the band. "NightBeat" aired on the UPN-SCREEN GEMS Network for Capitol Records. Dote' and the show were also credited with national promotions of the smash hit "Smooth" by Santana.

Production Supervisor: Bonnie Burkhert / Capitol Records, N.Y., N.Y.

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John Dote' / Mary J. Blige "Deep Inside"

Las Vegas Disc Jockey John Dote' hosted 50 episodes of Night Beat In Las Vegas as seen on the UPN-Screen Gems Network which featured 6-time grammy award winner Mary J. Blige.

Born in The BronxNew York CityNew York to a jazz musician father and a nurse mother, Mary was exposed to music from an early age. At the age of four, Mary's father, Thomas, left the family, leaving her mother Cora to raise Mary and her older sister Latonya alone. (On theFebruary 12006 episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show, Mary revealed that she was sexually assaulted as a child by a family friend.) A couple years later, Mary's family relocated to Yonkers, where they resided in one of the city's most dangerous housing projects. Music eventually became Mary's refuge, singing lead in her church's choir, and at seven she won a talent contest singing Aretha Franklin's "Respect."

"Queen of Hip-Hop Soul" Mary J. Blige has influenced a generation of artists with hits like "Real Love" and "Be Without You." She has also had a successful acting career, including playing Betty Shabazz in the TV movie Betty & Coretta. Her single "Deep Inside" received heavy airplay on Nightbeat In Las Vegas with John Dote' as her record promoter for the Capitol label.


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Article By Janice Kimmelli 

John Dote' has been wowing audiences for years with his drums, vocals and songwriting ability. He has performed live with such legends as John Lee Hooker, Buddy Miles, Santana, Greg Allman, Ike and Tina Turner, Liberace and many others. He has appeared on the front cover of many magazines and newspapers all across the country. His live performances in Las Vegas have drawn more crowds to Nellis Air force base and to this date the attendance records are unsurpassed.

His live performance drew more than 10,000 spectators when only 1500 were expected.  His concert on the fourth of July was nothing short of spectacular. He was driven in his Rolls Royce by none other than the Colonel of the United States Airforce to the stage where Dote' exited to the delight of a roaring crowd. Brilliant Bursts of fire works worth $100,000.00 lit up the Nellis sky at the Independance Day celebration Monday. Then 5 F15 fighters blew across the horizon with a show of force. And right after the sold out concert, John Dote' and Marc Almond headed out with the crew to film the video for the smash record "Tainted Love" for Virgin Records. Since, the song has become a classic hit world wide. 

Peter Mark Sinclair "Marc" Almond (born 9 July 1957) is an English singer-songwriter and musician. Almond first began performing and recording in the synthpop/new wave duo Soft Cell. He has also had a diverse career as a solo artist. Almond's official website claims he has sold over 30 million records worldwide.